Joss Wood, multi-published romance author:

“I sent my manuscript to Ali Williams for feedback and was thrilled by the prompt response I received. Ali is fast, efficient and detailed and I appreciated the considered comments she made on my work. She has an innate ability to look beyond mistakes and see the road the author is travelling. After following her simple, concise and perceptive suggestions, my manuscript was transformed. I highly recommend using Ali.”

Tara Taylor Quinn, USA Today bestselling romance author:

“I have 80 traditionally published novels – all with a team of professional editors and copy readers – and felt quite panicky when, after accepting an invitation to participate in an indie published anthology with other USA Today bestselling authors, I was faced with putting my work out to my readers without the security of my ‘team’ behind me.

The only person I could think of that I could trust with my work was Ali Williams. Not just because of her qualifications and skills, but because she has a passion for the story. I trusted her to be honest to that passion. And she was. She read, not only with precision to grammatical detail and style, but with a critical eye to the integrity of the story. Many people have editing skills. Grammar and structure are things you can learn.

But what Ali brings to the page, in addition to those learned skills, the ‘ear’ for the story, is far more critical to the success of a book. And not something you can go to school to learn. I am extremely grateful, as my book releases this week, that it has Ali’s seal of approval.”

Jane Claire Bradley, founder and director of For Books’ Sake:

“Ali’s feedback as consulting editor during the shortlisting and editing process for Tongue in Cheek has been incredible; she is knowledgeable, practical and positive, with thoughtful insight that bears in minds the needs of reader, author and publisher. A valuable asset to any project like this.”

Michelle Styles, multi-published romance author and Pink Heart Society editor:

“Ali Williams joined the Pink Heart Society in August 2014 and immediately had a positive impact.

She was instrumental in renewing and reviving a format which although successful had grown tired.  Through her positive attitude and can-do spirit, she rapidly turned around the blog, reaching out to new talent and customers alike, increasing the coverage by a considerable amount.

Her organisational skills are excellent and she is unfailingly cheerful, even when faced with sudden or hitherto  seemingly intractable problems. For example she started a number of cheat sheets to ensure that everyone involved in the blog knows how to format the style correctly. Rather than single out any one person, she carefully presented it first to the editorial team and then to the columnists. As a result, the blogs now all have the same feel about them.

A very hard worker, she is innovative but willing to listen to concerns and react accordingly. She is considerate to the sometimes prickly talent and is very adept at smoothing over any misunderstandings.

She is up to speed on the latest social media trends and has utilised her knowledge to the Pink Heart Society’s benefit.  If she doesn’t know, she does her research and finds out. She researched and designed the PHS monthly newsletter which highlights the outstanding posts of the last month. This project has been very well received and is a welcome addition to the Pink Heart Society offerings.

She has a good eye and a flair for editing as well as an ability to meet deadlines and think quickly on her feet.”

Kevin Robinson, writer

“Thanks to the wonderful assistance and fantastic editing skills of Ali Williams, my manuscript has been transformed. Ali is concise, to the point, innovative, efficient and a very effective editor.  I really enjoyed watching her read and go through my manuscript chapter by chapter with me.

Her suggestions took nothing away from what was written on the page but instead helped sharpen and improve the setting I was trying to envisage and the emotions I was trying to convey in a character to make them seem more realistic and relatable. I also like the fact that Ali challenges you and tries to bring out in you the very best of your potential to create a real page turner. I can honestly say that her help has been invaluable.”

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