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Whatever Happened to Modern Tempted? A Spotlight on…Fiona Harper

In 2013 Mills & Boon relaunched their RIVA line with Modern Tempted (called Harlequin KISS in the States), an imprint that held echoes of the Temptation novels of the 80s and 90s, and the sexiness of the Modern Heat series from the 00s. 

Whether as RIVA or as Modern Tempted, I adored the books and was incredibly upset when the line stopped publishing two years ago.

So this month I’m taking a look back at the authors of Modern Tempted, at the books they wrote then, and what they’re up to now…

Fiona Harper

Before Fiona Harper did single titles, she had category romance down to a T, as is completely clear in Swept Off Her Stilettos:

A little finger isn’t properly dressed without a man wrapped round it…

Clothing connoisseur Coreen Fraser’s film-star style never leaves her wanting for male attention! But sourcing outfits for a 1930s murder-mystery weekend stops being fun when she discovers she has to wear a tweed suit and sensible shoes! Meanwhile Coreen’s best friend Adam Conrad has his own plans for the weekend…

And one moonlit kiss later Coreen’s blinkers fall from her eyes. Adam is the only man who knows the girl underneath the skyscraper heels and scarlet lipstick. But is she brave enough to invite him to kiss it off any time he likes…?


I’m a big fan of romances that blossom from friendship, even if they’re not necessarily always the most glamorous of stories.  This couldn’t be further from the truth with Harper’s Swept Off Her Stilettos.

Coreen’s helping to organise a fabulous 1930s murder mystery weekend, at a country house.  What could be more glamorous than that?  And the ante’s hyped up even more when she is treated to a mind-blowing kiss from her best friend Adam!

I like the fact that Adam knows Coreen; that is, after all, the basis for any long-lasting relationship.  There’s a depth to their connection that I think really highlights what is the heart of love.

Harper’s other Modern Tempted books include:

  • Dancing with Danger  (What will happen when prima ballerina Allegra swaps her ballet slippers for hiking boots, when she takes part on survival expert Finn’s television show?)
  • Always the Best Man  (Damien is devastated when he has to watch the love of his life marry his best friend, and it’s made worse by feisty bridesmaid Zoe, who can’t stop provoking him!)
  • Three Weddings and a Baby  (When Jennie’s husband disappears on their wedding night, she’s furious!  But imagine her shock when Alex returns a month later, complete with a toddler…)

So what’s Fiona been up to since the end of Modern Tempted?

She’s made the move to single title romances:

  • The Doris Day Film Club  (Claire grew up watching Doris Day films with her grandmother, but her own opportunities for love have been few and far between recently.  But then she meets new client Nic, who’s looking to book the perfect getaway for two, and something sparkling begins…)
  • The Summer We Danced  (Pippa’s been through enough humiliation, what with the divorce and her ex leaving her on live television!  So she decides to get away from it all, and move back to the sleepy village where she grew up…)

And she’s also got a number of Christmas single titles, for you to curl up with this December:

  • Kiss Me Under the Mistletoe  (Louise is starting her new life, and is just keeping things together until her son goes and stays with her cheating ex for Christmas, then she’ll be free to wallow.  But soon, there’s something about the real country Christmas, complete with handsome next-door neighbour, that lifts her spirits…)
  • The Little Shop of Hopes and Dreams  (Nicole has the perfect job, planning perfect proposals!  But when he newest client is that New Year’s kiss she just can’t forget, she begins to wish for a proposal of her own!)
  • Make My Wish Come True  (A sisterly argument prompts a Christmas swap, with single-mum Juliet taking her sister’s holiday to the Caribbean, and Gemma staying home with her nieces, nephews and the hunk next door!)

She’s also just finished her latest book, The Other Us, due out May 2017.  It follows Maggie Lewis as she travels back in time and gets to relive her life experiencing the two different paths that she could have taken…

As a child, Fiona was constantly teased for two things: having her nose in a book and living in a dream world. Things haven’t changed much since then, but at least she’s found a career that puts her runaway imagination to use!

Fiona has twenty-four published books under her belt. She started career writing heartfelt but humorous romances for Mills & Boon, but now writes romantic comedies and feel-good women’s fiction for Harper Collins, as part of their new HQ imprint. She is a previous winner of the Joan Hessayon New Writers’ Scheme Award, has had five books shortlisted for a RoNA Award and won the ‘Best Short Romance’ at the Festival of Romance three years’ running!

Fiona lives in London with her husband and two teenage daughters (oh, the drama in her house!), and she loves reading, cooking and anything cinnamon flavoured. Her new hobby is tap dancing – Ginger Rogers watch out!

Find out more about her and her writing on FacebookTwitter and on her website.

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Que Sera Sera

Annex - Day, Doris (By the Light of the Silvery Moon)_01

“I want to tell the truth, and maybe that’s why they trust me. When I was acting, I believed what I said … every line.” – Doris Day

Half of my childhood was spent at my Italian grandparents’ house, learning to make pasta and ballroom dance, and even working our way through every episode of Diagnosis Murder.

But what I remember clearer than anything were the musicals.

Nonno – my grandfather – didn’t particularly like them, he preferred war films or documentaries, but he’d watch anything for my Nanna and she adored them.  In fact, she loved musicals so much that my mother is named “Doris” after their favourite musical actress – Doris Day.


My sisters and I spent hours gallivanting around rooms, pretending to be Calamity Jane, and standing off with anyone who dared question our ability to ride and shoot as well as any man.  (FYI, I can’t shoot and I don’t think I’ve ever ridden in my life – it’s all a happy coincidence!)

So when I discovered that Fiona Harper’s latest novel was called The Doris Day Vintage Film Club, I fell head over heels.  Fast.

I’ve interviewed her about her love of all things Doris, as well as how those fab films influenced the book, over at Mills & Boon Socialise.  It’s all about those halcyon days…