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Fleeting Connections


I love Shakespeare’s Sonnets.

I have a collected edition of them that stays in my handbag and is stuffed with photos and handdrawn pictures and quotes next to the appropriate sonnet.

They’re funny and heartbreaking; dark and light; and truthful to the point where they take your breath away.

In case you can’t tell, I’ve a bit of a thing for Shakespeare.

Over at Quadrapheme, this week’s #PoemoftheWeek is Shakespeare’s Sonnet 73 – a poem that emphasises how fleeting our lives are, and what impact that has on how we love.  Perhaps it is because we don’t know how long we will spend on this world, that the connections we have with others are so precious.

#PoemoftheWeek, Poetry, Quadrapheme, Reading

Forgotten Poets


Poetry and I have a complicated relationship.

I appreciate it, occasionally struggle with writing it, and often am frustrated by it.

But what I do love about it, is the fact that I regularly discover someone or something new – completely by chance!

Today’s #PoemoftheWeek column for Quadrapheme showcases one such writer.

I’m a big fan of the shorter poetic form, and so was surprised to discover that the cinquain was developed last century by Adelaide Crapsey.

So you’ll find a whole piece over on Quadrapheme where I feel out about the cinquain’s origins, and analyse one specific poem that references an old balllad.

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