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Que Sera Sera

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“I want to tell the truth, and maybe that’s why they trust me. When I was acting, I believed what I said … every line.” – Doris Day

Half of my childhood was spent at my Italian grandparents’ house, learning to make pasta and ballroom dance, and even working our way through every episode of Diagnosis Murder.

But what I remember clearer than anything were the musicals.

Nonno – my grandfather – didn’t particularly like them, he preferred war films or documentaries, but he’d watch anything for my Nanna and she adored them.  In fact, she loved musicals so much that my mother is named “Doris” after their favourite musical actress – Doris Day.


My sisters and I spent hours gallivanting around rooms, pretending to be Calamity Jane, and standing off with anyone who dared question our ability to ride and shoot as well as any man.  (FYI, I can’t shoot and I don’t think I’ve ever ridden in my life – it’s all a happy coincidence!)

So when I discovered that Fiona Harper’s latest novel was called The Doris Day Vintage Film Club, I fell head over heels.  Fast.

I’ve interviewed her about her love of all things Doris, as well as how those fab films influenced the book, over at Mills & Boon Socialise.  It’s all about those halcyon days…


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Tales of Ireland


I was brought up on tales of Ireland.

Of my Gran’s romp through the fields to a school where nuns caned children over the slightest infraction; of my dad’s summers playing poker for matches and travelling the breadth of Galway with his uncle; of dancing and sisterly rivalry; and of my great-grandmother, holding the telegraph that would tell her of her son’s death up to the light in the kitchen to read.

Ireland was a place of magic and excitement.  Filled with stories and wild places I longed to visit.


And when I started work, I worked with the loveliest group of Irish girls.  March 17th was full of drinking and dancing and the most outrageously over-the-top costumes you could possibly imagine.


And then there’s the the lush, green wilds of Ireland itself – the perfect place for romance, as I’m discussing on the Pink Heart Society today.

So wherever you are, and whatever you’re doing, I wish you a happy St Patrick’s Day.