At the Cliff Face – Finding Inspiration Everywhere

At the Cliff Face – Deadlines

At the Cliff Face – Balancing Life, Research and Creativity

At the Cliff Face – Building Confidence

At the Cliff Face – Planning a New Project

At the Cliff Face – Applying for a PhD


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Time Out Thursday – Binge Watching TV Shows

Tuesday Talk-Time – From Category to Single Title

Male on Monday – Dominic Cooper

Male on Monday – Matt LeBlanc

Tuesday Talk-Time – The CatRom Project

A Little Something for the Weekend – Quilting

A Little Something for the Weekend – Dangerous Anti-Heroes

Tuesday Talk-Time – Roaming in Rome

Male on Monday – James Norton



Erin Lawless’ ‘Somewhere Only We Know’ Book Launch

Meet the Blogger – Ali Williams

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Writer’s Wednesday – Finding Inspiration

A Little Something for the Weekend – Romance Novels Are…

Male on Monday – For the Love of a Rugby Player

Writer’s Wednesday – How To Approach Diversity

Weekend Wildcard – When She Was Ill

Weekend Wildcard – License to Write

Male on Monday – Ben Batt

Weekend Wildcard – Historicals with a Difference

A Little Something for the Weekend – Sitcoms

Time-Out Thursday – Discussing the Romance

Friday Fun – Trawling the TBR List

Weekend Wildcard – A Soundtrack for A Story

Male on Monday – Carole Mortimer’s Heroes

Writer’s Wednesday – The All-Important Writing Day

Weekend Wildcard – Summer Holidays

Time Out Thursday – Pianoing

Male on Monday – Freddy Standen

Male on Monday – Pro-Wrestling Heroes

Time Out Thursday – WWE and Me

Writer’s Wednesday – Finding Your Groove

Tuesday Talk-Time – Talking About Romance

Writer’s Wednesday – The Dickens Approach

Time Out Thursday – Big Screen, Little Screen

Male on Monday – Jonathan Crombie

Male on Monday – Stevie McCrorie

Writer’s Wednesday – The Over-Edit Bug

Tuesday Talk Time – The Lush, Green Wilds of Ireland

Male on Monday – Danny Dyer

Valentine’s Day

Friday Fun – Sexing Up Politics

Time Out Thursday – Popular Romance Studies

Tuesday Talk-Time – Singing the Post-Holiday Blues


Thrills & Swoon meets…Fiona Harper

Thrills & Swoon – On Secrets and Sadness

Thrills & Swoon – The Diversity of Desire


Poem of the Week – Fragment 52 by Sappho

Poem of the Week – Shakespeare’s Sonnet 73

Poem of the Week – He’s Killed The May

Poem of the Week:  Ozymandias


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Male on Monday – Santa

Tuesday Talk-Time – Getting Up Again

Male on Monday – Alfred Enoch

NaNoWriMo Update

Friday Fun – TV Weddings to Remember

Tuesday Talk-Time – The Reality of Being a Romance Reader

Male on Monday – Benjamin McKenzie

Time Out Thursday – Musings of a Superfan


Thrills & Swoon – The Pink Heart Society Special

My Dream Bookshop:  Books and Booze

Thrills & Swoon – Wild Iris Ridge

Thrills & Swoon – The Cottage on Juniper Ridge

Thrills & Swoon – Suddenly Last Summer

Thrills & Swoon – Post-Greece Bliss

Thrills & Swoon – The Wonder of Medicine

Thrills & Swoon – An Interview with RoNA ROSE winner, Kate Hardy

Thrills & Swoon – The RoNA ROSE 2014 Nominees

Thrills & Swoon – Fated Love


10 Reasons to Love Nicola Griffith

How To Write #HistoricalHeroes

10 Reasons to Love Mary Stewart

For Books’ Sake Talks To:  Samantha Ellis

Check Into The Chatsfield with Mills & Boon

7 Reasons to Love Diana Wynne Jones

Veronica Henry Wins Romantic Novel of the Year Award at the RONAs

Publisher Spotlight:  Hot Key Books

Choose Your Own Orgasms with HarperImpulse

Everyday Objects in Erotica (18+)

Are You Tempted to Write?



Five Reasons Why Tamora Pierce is as Kick-Arse as her Heroines

The Romance and Erotica Christmas Gift Guide

Tanya Wright Wins “So You Think You Can Write” Contest

For Books’ Sake Talks To:  Emily Dubberley

Five Reasons We’re Psyched about Half Bad

Romance Reader Awards

Women Writers and Their Sex Toys (18+)

8 Reasons to Celebrate Margaret Mitchell

Busting the Mills & Boon Myth

Women Nobel Prize Winners We Love

7 Reasons To Wish Marian Keyes Happy Birthday

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