Small Town Perfection: Redemption


Nicola Marsh‘s Redemption series follows characters who need just that:  redemption.  There’s something about small towns that allow us to fully believe in the possibility of a fresh start, and Marsh’s series captures this perfectly.

In Saving Sara, Sara Hardy needs to start again, completely on her own.  After the death of her daughter, her marriage fell apart, and when she inherits a cottage in Redemption, it seems the perfect way to get away.  But when her neighbour’s nephew, Jake, arrives with a nephew of his own in tow after his sister ends up in rehab, Sara withdraws even more.  It’s far too painful to spend time with children.  It’s a story of healing, of heartbreak, and of hope.

Jake’s sister, Rose, is starting over again in Rescuing Rose.  She’s back in Redemption after time in rehab, reunited with her son.  But not everyone’s pleased to see her return, and her reputation has most definitely preceded her.  So it’s all the more surprising when she finds herself drawn to Caden, the preacher’s son from her childhood.  Rose is the last person his friends and family want him to spend time with, but yet there’s something about her that he’s drawn to…

These books are beautiful.  Sometimes you need to read something that’s uplifting and hopeful, and if so?  These are the books you should be reading.


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