Small Town Perfection: Ballymuir


Dorien Kelly‘s Ballymuir series is set in an idyllic Irish village where everyone knows everyone else’s business, and where scandal and secrets are a part of everyday life!

Kylie O’Shea teaches at the Gaelic school in Ballymuir.  She’s almost saintly in her reputation and her approach to life, even if she does reject every local suitor, to the point where the villagers keep on warning her about fulfilling The Last Bride in Ballymuir legend!  But when stranger Michael Kilbride comes to the village, Kylie can’t quite help but be captivated by his passions, even if it means that secrets will be exposed…

In The Boldest Man in Ballymuir, American chef Jenna Fahey is the only one who’s not taken in by businessman Devlin Gilvane’s charm.  He’s sniffing around Muir House, the place she’s currently leasing and has worked hard to turn into a renowned restaurant.  Dev needs the building in order to make that big promotion, but it’s the one thing that’s kept Jenna from thinking about her past…  But when the two of them clash, will the sparks be just from fury…?

The Brightest Flame in Ballymuir sees artist Vi Kilbride prepare to sell her late grandmother’s cottage, surrounded by the memories of the summers she spent foreign up there.  And more than a few of those memories involve Liam Rafferty, the boy who broke her heart.  She’s shocked to discover that he’s back in town, and looking for the legendary Rafferty’s Gold – allegedly hidden by one of Vi’s ancestors after her heart was broken by a Rafferty- especially when her grandmother’s journals hold a key to its whereabouts…

I love the fact that this series is both sweet and passionate, and that the inward-looking community of Ballymuir is so protective of its own people.


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