Small Town Perfection: Rescue Bay


Shirley Jump‘s Sweetheart Sisters series focuses on a trio of well-meaning grannies (the Sweetheart Sisters of the series’ title), who can’t help meddling in the love lives of those who live in Rescue Bay…

In The Sweetheart Bargain, Olivia comes to Rescue Bay to save and run the dog shelter that she’s inherited.  But she leaves behind her a bad marriage and a terrible job, and it’ll take her a long time to recover.   Or will it?  Because the Sisters have their hearts set on fixing her up with wounded helicopter pilot Luke, and Olivia’s found herself inextricably drawn to him…

Mike doesn’t really know what he’s doing with kids.  But when his ex dumps their two children on his doorstep in The Sweetheart Rules, he’s going to have to learn – and quick!  He remembers Rescue Bay as the perfect place for children to grow up and so returns with the kids in tow.  But once in town, he keeps on bumping into the one one-night stand that he can’t forget – Diana…

The Sweetheart Secret sees Daisy back in town – to Cole’s surprise.  They were married but he hasn’t seen her in years, so when he discovers that they’re technically still married – and that she wants a divorce – he wants to know if there’s anything he can do to change her mind!

I think what I love about this series – the romance narratives aside – are the three Sweetheart Sisters.  There’s nothing quite like meddling elderly ladies to make me laugh; especially when their hearts are in the right place.


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