Small Town Perfection: Elmhurst


Fiona Harper writes beautiful books about love and loss and how to look at your life with new eyes.  The Summer We Danced is set in the sleepy Kent village of Elmhurst where Pippa has moved after a humiliating and messy divorce, and it follows her fight to save the village’s small dancing school where she learnt to dance as a child.

It’s a little amusing, in some ways, that Pippa moves to a small village in an attempt to disappear, for, as most people know, there’s nothing like being under the spotlight in a small village.  But there’s a real sense of community, especially as everyone pulls together to help save Miss Mimi’s dancing school.

And of course, no village would be complete without its resident hunk, and Elmhurst’s is none other than Pippa’s childhood love Tom, who’s older, wiser but no less sexy…

I think what I love best about this book, is the way in which Harper truly manages to capture the essence of Elmhurst and all its characters.  Utterly charming.


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