Small Town Perfection: Lake Endwell


Jill Kemerer‘s Sheffield Siblings series is full of sweet, inspirational romances, that are nestled in the heart of Lake Endwell, a town full of heart and redemption.

When Reed’s in town for a family wedding in Small-Town Bachelor, he expects to be in and out fairly quickly.  But a tornado that decimates the town, postpones the wedding and injures Reed, means he can’t get back to the city as quickly as he’d like.  Maid of honour Claire Sheffield steps in and gives him a place to stay whilst he gets better, and in return he starts helping with the town rebuild.  Only will he be able to leave Claire behind when he returns home?

In Unexpected Family, Tom Sheffield’s world is sent spinning out of control when his ex-wife Stephanie turns up, complete with a four year old child that he’s never met before.  His daughter.  All he wants is for them to rebuild the bridges they burnt, but Stephanie’s keeping an awful lot of secrets…

Her Small-Town Romance sees Jade Emerson arrive in town, ready to set up shop, and possibly have a fresh start.  Her heart’s been frozen from the trauma she experienced for so long, that Bryan Sheffield keeps on coming up against a brick wall.  But Bryan’s been suffering too, and will helping him help thaw Jade’s heart?

Celeste has never had children of her own, but she finds herself raising her baby nephew after an accident in Yuletide Redemption.  She needs to make sure that Parker has a happy life, but that needs money, and so she takes a job caring for injured Sam Sheffield.  Sam’s been avoiding the world but can’t help but be drawn to Celeste; if only he could see that his injury doesn’t mean a thing to her…

Kemerer’s series is one that follows a close-knit family in a town that’s all about community.  The characters face real issues, and their happy ever afters are more than justly earned!


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