Small Town Perfection: Bonne Terre


Molly O’Keefe‘s The Notorious O’Neills series is set in the uptight Louisiana small town of Bonne Terre, and follows the scandalous O’Neill family, known for being just every kind of wrong.  Its hard to have that kind of a reputation, especially in small towns where people aren’t always kind.

Life certainly hasn’t been kind for Savannah, as we discover in The Temptation of Savannah O’Neill.  abandoned by her mother, her brothers, and the married jerk who left her pregnant and with her reputation in tatters.  She doesn’t trust anyone, least of all sexy newcomer Matt Woods; but when she gives in to his charms, will she end up with more regrets?

In Tyler O’Neill’s Redemption, savannah’s brother Tyler steps into the limelight – or is that a searchlight when he reconnects with past girlfriend, police chief Juliette?  He broke her heart all those years ago, but now he’s back and his charm could break her heart all over again…

The Scandal and Carter O’Neill‘s sees the final O’Neill sibling fighting to distance himself from his family’s reputation.  But when Zoe Madison claims that he get her pregnant…in public…even though he’s never met her…he needs to do some serious damage control!  So he suggests faking a relationship until it all blows over, only soon he finds himself wishing that it wasn’t fake…


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