Small Town Perfection: Paradise Ranch


I blame Lizbeth Selvig‘s Seven Brides for Seven Cowboys series for my current fixation with cowboy romances; I’ve never really been sold on them before, but there’s something about Paradise Ranch, its inhabitants and the men who love them that’s converted me!

In The Bride Wore Denim Harper comes home to Paradise Ranch because she has to.  The plan is to get in and then back out, only she doesn’t count on falling for her older sister’s boyfriend.  Cole knows that artistic Harper’s got a life built in the big city, and he’s made his home on the land here in Paradise Ranch, but will that stop them from forging a path together?

High-powered surgeon Mia had everything in her life sorted, until it wasn’t.  The Bride Wore Red Boots sees her returning home and clashing heads with ex-soldier Gabe, and working with veterans suffering from PTSD, as well as taking on a challenge of her own with the one child who can melt her heart…

The Bride Wore Starlight sees Joely, who was injured earlier in the series, frustrated with being wheelchair-bound.  She feels sick at the prospect of rolling down the aisle as her sister’s bridesmaid, when Alec swoops in, and practically carries her down.  She can’t believe how interfering he is, until she discovers that he suffered an injury of his own…

They’re gorgeous books, and I cannot wait to read the rest of the series!


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