Small Town Perfection: Jewell Cove


Donna Alward‘s Jewell Cove series is set in a beautiful small town, filled with history, secrets and the promise of new love…

When Abbey Foster inherits the old Foster mansion in The House on Blackberry Hill from a relative she never met, she couldn’t feel more awkward.  Jewell Cove is definitely not the place for her!  Only when contractor Tom comes to help restore the old building, she can’t quite believe how much the town’s growing on her…

Local doctor Charlie finds an abandoned baby in the town nativity manger in Christmas at Seashell Cottage, and help comes from a most unlikely source.  Ex-SEAL Dave enjoys his nomadic experience, moving from place to place, but will Charlie and the baby make him want to make his home in Jewell Cove?

Treasure on Lilac Lane sees Rick Sullivan honourably discharged from the Marines and back home in Jewell Cove, only no-one quite knows how to react to him, least of all Jess Collins.  They used to be close, and though they’ve been becoming closer since he’s returned, she can’t help feeling that he’s holding something back…

In Summer on Lovers’ Island, when Lizzie’s high-powered medical career comes to an abrupt halt, the only way she can revive it is to help out at her friend’s private practice.  She struggles to adapt to the quieter pace of Jewell Cove until she meets widowed doctor Joshua!

There’s no room at the inn for police officer Todd in Christmas at Evergreen Inn, so anti-holiday Lainey takes him pity on him for the night, but will she soon be filled with Christmas spirit?

Jewell Cove is a real, flawed town, with sweet romances and the chance of a fresh start for all.  Love it!


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