Small Town Perfection: Kettle Knob


Kieran Kramer‘s best known for her historical romances, but her latest novel, Trouble When You Walked In, is a charming contemporary romance set in Kettle Knob, North Carolina.  Plus, there’s a librarian heroine and I love librarian heroes and heroines!

When Cissie Rogers, librarian and protector of the card catalogue in Kettle Knob, comes up against Mayor Boone Braddock who wants to close the library down, there’s only thing for it.  She’s going to have to get elected as mayor!

But Boone’s the local football hero and the town’s golden boy, and the chemistry between the two of them keeps on distracting her from the task at hand.  Will she be able to save her library and get the guy?

It’s an enchanting book, with sweet characters and a steamy rivalry that’s both entertaining and amusing!


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