Small Town Perfection: Harmony Valley


Melina Curtis‘ Harmony Valley books are unique in that they take into account the impact that the current economic climate has had on smaller towns.  As she says on her website:

This small town at the northernmost edge of Sonoma County wine country is in trouble. It’s so remote the sagging California economy of the past few years has driven businesses out, and without jobs, everyone under the age of 65 has left town. The 70 or so residents remaining are set in their ways.

The series follows the new, younger people who come to make their new home in the beautiful Californian town.

In Dandelion Wishes Will Jackson has returned to Harmony Valley to try and launch is winemaking business, but returning home means coming face to face with Emma, the woman who caused his little sister’s car accident.  Will he ever forgive her?  And will she ever forgive herself?

When Flynn’s grandfather returns home to Harmony Valley from hospital in Summer Kisses, it’s abundantly clear that he needs a caregiver – but where is he going to find one in the rapidly shrinking town?  Luckily, Becca is after a job and it turns out that his grandfather adores her!  And soon Flynn starts trusting her too…

Slade’s new hire is as frustrating as she is beautiful, but the two of them form an uneasy alliance when they realise that they’re going to have to join forces to create a wine that Harmony Valley can be proud of in Season of Change!

One Perfect Year sees Shelby face a dilemma when her former best friend Gage appears in Harmony Valley!  But she needs his help, in work and with trusting people again…

Kathy couldn’t wait to get out of Harmony Valley, but now she’s back and working to regain her son’s trust in Time for Love.  All too soon she meets cowboy Dylan, but will she continue to trust him when she realises that he’s been hiding a secret from her?

Harmony Valley’s vineyard manager Duffy can’t quite believe it when a pregnant Jessica appears, claiming that he’s the father in A Memory Away.  She appears to be missing her memories, and he knows that his good for nothing twin’s to blame, but he can’t bear to send her away…

In A Man of Influence, famous travel writer Chad Healy is in Harmony Valley to cover the Harvest Festival, when he comes up against Tracy Jackson.  She’s determined to protect the community that took her back into its bosom after she lost her ability to communicate easily…

Joe is back in town, and the one time bad boy now has a daughter in tow in Marrying the Single Dad.  But he’s got to try and persuade the Harmony Valley residents that he’s changed whilst running his grandfather’s garage and persuading artist Brittany that he’s not a waste of space!

I think that Curtis’ illustration of small town life in a time when money is hard and when most young people know that there are more career prospects in big cities, is brilliant.  And besides, the residents are adorable!


2 thoughts on “Small Town Perfection: Harmony Valley

    • I’ve loved following the inhabitants of the town, and really like the way in which it doesn’t shy away from the reality of being a small town in the current economic climate! Also, it’s a great testament to your parents! 🙂


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