Small Town Perfection: Rock Canyon


One of the benefits of setting romantic exploits in a small town is the capacity for townspeople to be scandalised by the smallest things.  It makes for good fun, and often ramps up the need for secret trysts as people try to figure out for themselves what’s going on, before involving the entire time.

And this is exactly the case in Rock Canyon, the setting of a contemporary romance series by Cody Gary.

Rock Canyon first appears in the novella The Trouble with Sexy, where Ryan is determined to make her sexy boss Grant sit up and pay attention, even if she has to scandalise the entire town to do so…

Reputation is everything in small towns, and Katie’s has prevented her from having some real fun!  But when Chase finds her list of things she’s always wanted to do in Things Good Girls Don’t Do, she suddenly finds herself putting that reputation in danger!

Good Girls Don’t Date Rock Stars sees Gemma getting very drunk and waking up married to her ex – and her secret son’s father!!  When Travis follows her back to the town where they both grew up, he’s stunned to discover all she’s been hiding from him.  And will the people of Rock Canyon cope with having such a celebrity in their midst?

Bad Girls Don’t Marry Marines prove that in small towns sometimes guys can get away with more than girls, so when Val ends up spending time with Justin, she doesn’t want to get her hopes up.  The only thing is, that he’s determined to spend more time with her!!

Caroline won’t become homeless, that’s her limit.  So when she discovers in Return of the Bad Girl that her apartment’s been double booked, she decides that grumpy Gabe is just going to have to put up with her…

All small town’s have their local heroes, and Rock Canyon is no different!  In Bad for Me Everett comes across Callie, who’s been shutting everyone out for far too long.  But will she open up to him once she knows that he has demons of his own?

Throughout the series, we see Gracie and Eric clashing heads, but we never quite find out why!  So before their story is continued in Good Girls Don’t Kiss and Tell, Gary’s released The Trouble With Attraction, which follows them behind the scenes of all of the other novels!

Rock Canyon’s the perfect embodiment of the small town with busybodies, and that makes the romance so much more fun!


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