Small Town Perfection: Magnolia Beach


Kimberly Lang had made a number of her category romances’ heroines Southern belles before she made the move to full-length romances, and Magnolia Beach was born.  It’s a small waterfront town in Alabama, where Southern hospitality is a staple, and where people seem to find themselves whenever they need a second chance or a new start.

In Something to Prove, former wild child Helena returns home from Atlanta after her grandmother has a fall, and has to face everyone who knew her back then.  And to top it all off, she’s discovered that she’s now got a thing for mayor and town golden boy Ryan.  But will her reputation in the town keep them apart?

Sophie’s family left Magnolia Beach years ago, when her father’s affair and resulting scandal threatened to ruin their lives.  In One Little Thing she returns to open a B&B, and to fall in love with the one man who let her father’s secret out of the bag all those years ago, Quinn Haslett.

Everything at Last sees Molly escape from her unhappy life and settle in Magnolia Beach, opening a coffee shop.  But will her attraction for local vet Tate last when the secrets from her past coming flooding back?

And the latest instalment in the series, More than Anything follows unexpected visitor to Magnolia Beach, Declan, fall for the tomboy who runs the Bay Breeze marina.  He’s supposed to be heading to Miami, but there’s something about the town, and Shelby, that’s captured his heart…

Magnolia Beach is the perfect setting for redemptive romances that’ll capture your heart.


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