Small Town Perfection: Gardiner


The first of Katy Regnery‘s Heart of Montana series, By Proxy, brings together a city boy and a country girl and sells small town life in the most endearing manner.  Jenny and Sam are standing proxy for her best friend and his cousin’s wedding, but Sam’s flying visit to Montana is turned upside down when he finds himself unable to return to Chicago.

He ends up staying with quiet, proper Jenny for the weekend and has all of his expectations confounded.

Because Sam is not a believer in small towns.  He thinks that they are interfering and oppressive, and that those who settle there are essentially giving up on all of the exciting things in life.  But the more time he spends with the sweet schoolteacher, the more his mind begins to change.

This is a very sweet and sedate romance, but one that illustrates perfectly the difficulties that two people who live life in different lanes can face.  It’s in no small part to the charm of the town of Gardiner itself, that Jenny and Sam get their happys ever after…


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