Small Town Perfection: Gauthier


Farrah Rochon‘s Bayou Dreams series is set in the small Louisiana town of Gauthier

When a family tragedy brings Mya home in A Forever Kind of Love, she’s determined to avoid the man who broke her heart fifteen years before.  But Cory’s determined to win back his first and only love!

In Always and Forever Phylicia can’t quite believe how close she came to buying back her family home – until Jamal, a restoration specialist, managed to buy it out from under her!  But when he asks her to help him convert it into a B&B, will their working relationship become a more intimate one?

Historian Tamryn West is brought back to Gauthier, trying to uncover the secret of her grandmother’s past in Yours Forever, only to stumble upon even more scandalous secrets – secrets that Matthew Gauthier has spent years trying to keep from coming to light…

Forever’s Promise sees Xavier’s attempts to mend his broken heart whilst working as Gauthier’s ER doctor interrupted when he meets Shayla.  Shayla’s helping care for her nieces after a family tragedy and has opened a coffee shop, but will Xavier inspire passion?

When widowed mother of two Leslie gets caught up in a clash between the progressive new principal of Louisiana’s elementary school and the local community in Forever with You, she’s determined not to take sides.  Only that’s a little more difficult when there’s such explosive chemistry between her and Gabe…

When the Gauthier community comes under threat in Stay with Me Forever, it’s up to Paxton and Sawyer to save the day, and help prevent flooding – if only they can stop thinking about the passionate night they shared three years ago!

I love the fact that these Bayou natives face real risks and threats to their community in this heartwarming series!


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