Small Town Perfection: Cassabaw Station


Cindy Miles‘ Superromance series, The Malone Brothers, is set on the beautiful barrier island of Cassabaw Island.  It’s the kind of place where people look after each other, where peach pie is made for neighbours, and where no-one forgets you, even you’ve been gone for years.

Those Cassabaw Days, the first book (published under the name Cindy Homberger in the UK) follows Emily Quinn on her return to the island she grew up on – the island she hasn’t returned to since her parents died when she was still a child – and the rekindling of her friendship with Matt Malone.

For Emily, Cassabaw Station is the perfect place for her to restart, reopening the Windchimer, a cafe left to her by her great aunt.

Similarly, Reagan Quinn comes to Cassabaw Station in At First Touch, after suffering an accident in Afghanistan that’s left her without her sight.  She comes to live with her sister and her soon-to-be brother-in-law, and she reconnects with Matt’s brother Eric.

There’s something really special about the setting for these books, something that Miles herself perhaps sums up best in the Dear Reader letter in first book:

“I wrote this novel from many of my own memories:  the place I grew up, people I knew and loved, and beloved recollections that still resonate within me when I inhale a certain scent or hear a particular song.”


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