Small Town Perfection: An Introduction

Good morning and Happy New Year to you all!

I had such fun last month, doing my series of posts about #WhateverHappenedToModernTempted, that I’ve decided to continue with the month-long themes throughout this year.

And we start, this January, with Small Town Perfection.

I’ve always thought that the setting of any story is absolutely key for me to love it, and I’ve fallen in love with various small towns over the years:

Stars Hollow, Gilmore Girls


Bluebell, Hart of Dixie


Avonlea, Road to Avonlea and the Anne of Green Gables films


So join me this month as I explore all of my favourite small town romance novels!

And the rest of this year’s monthly themes are as follows…

February:  Romancing the Past

March:  Respinning Tall Tales

April:  Fantastical Worlds

May:  Sob-Inducing Stories

June:  All About Pride

July:  Of Laughter and Love

August:  The Best of CatRom

September:  Celebrating Poetry

October:  Embracing Intersectional Romance

November:  Of Comics and Manga

December:  Celebrating the Holidays


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