Whatever Happened to Modern Tempted? A Spotlight on…Tanya Wright

In 2013 Mills & Boon relaunched their RIVA line with Modern Tempted (called Harlequin KISS in the States), an imprint that held echoes of the Temptation novels of the 80s and 90s, and the sexiness of the Modern Heat series from the 00s. 

Whether as RIVA or as Modern Tempted, I adored the books and was incredibly upset when the line stopped publishing two years ago.

So this month I’m taking a look back at the authors of Modern Tempted, at the books they wrote then, and what they’re up to now…

Tanya Wright

Tanya’s Modern Tempted book, If Only… won the 2013 So You Think You Can Write competition:

If only I hadn’t had that last drink…

It might be the toughest night of the year for Micah O’Shea, but one tequila too many and suddenly she’s seeing the world – and her best friend, firefighter Josh Taylor – in a new light! Surely a bit of Dutch courage is all she needs to see if he tastes as good as he looks…?

Why did no one tell her that the morning after is way more awkward when you’re friends with the man you threw yourself at? And that it gets more awkward when you start having X-rated dreams about him? Perhaps Micah should stop saying ‘If only…’ and start asking ‘What if…?’!


In part inspired by Wright’s own experiences, If Only… follows Micah, who lost her boyfriend when she was a teenager as she learns to love again.  Both her and Josh end up navigating the waters of grief and guilt, as they learn to move on from tragedy.

It’s an incredibly moving story, as well as witty and charming, and it’s really worth a read.  Especially as it delves into the complications of an ended relationship without the closure that a break-up could bring.  Brilliant.

So what’s Tanya been up to since the end of Modern Tempted?

She’s currently working on an inspirational romance, that we’ll hopefully hear more about in the New Year!

For years Tanya Wright filled notebooks with short stories as a way of creative release. She found her big break and graduated from spiral notebooks to paperbacks when she won So You Think You Can Write 2013.

Find out more about her and her writing on Facebook.


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