Whatever Happened to Modern Tempted? A Spotlight on…Avril Tremayne

In 2013 Mills & Boon relaunched their RIVA line with Modern Tempted (called Harlequin KISS in the States), an imprint that held echoes of the Temptation novels of the 80s and 90s, and the sexiness of the Modern Heat series from the 00s. 

Whether as RIVA or as Modern Tempted, I adored the books and was incredibly upset when the line stopped publishing two years ago.

So this month I’m taking a look back at the authors of Modern Tempted, at the books they wrote then, and what they’re up to now…

Avril Tremayne

Avril stormed onto the Modern Tempted scene, and into my sights with Here Comes the Bridesmaid, her entry into the So You Think You Can Write competition:

Can she make organising her friend’s wedding any harder?

Sunshine Smart has only got two months until the big day! She has to include the grouchy, surly best man Leo Quartermaine – a top chef and her complete opposite! Said best man is extremely handsome and sexy – and knows it! He has no interest in décor, flowers, clothes or shoes… but has an uninformed opinion on all four!

And just a few days in she’s already slept with him… rookie mistake…

Sunshine is bubbly and sweet and the perfect person to plan a wedding, though she wouldn’t be able to say the same for best man Leo!  But they’ve got sizzling chemistry and Leo doesn’t seem to be able to resist the aptly named Sunshine!

I also really love the fact that the wedding they’re planning is a same-sex marriage.  Tremayne doesn’t make this into a big deal, it just is, and I like that.  I think it’s handled well and is a brilliant way to challenge stereotypes and preconceptions of equal marriage!

Tremayne’s other Modern Tempted book is:

  • Turning the Good Girl Bad  (Max looks at his perfectly coiffed PA in a completely different light when he accidentally picks up the steamy romance novel that she’s been writing!  Will he be able to get her to shake loose and explores some of those fantasies with him?)

So what’s Avril been up to since the end of Modern Tempted?

She wrote The Millionaire’s Proposition as part of the Sydney’s Most Eligible… quartet for Mills & Boon’s Modern imprint:

Divorce lawyer Kate really doesn’t have time for relationships, but when Scott proposes a month long fling, she sets out a contract for them both to sign!  But will she end up wanting to break her own rules?

She’s also been writing contemporary romances for Random House:



  • Wanting Mr Wrong  (Evie’s never really been one for celebrities, so when she develops a crush on her best friend’s brother, Jackson, she goes in the opposite direction!  But Jackson’s determined not to let his movie star status put Evie off…)
  • Escaping Mr Right  (Rugby player Nick’s been head over heels for reporter Chloe since he first laid eyes on her, only she met his team mate  Marcus just moments later!  Will they be able to resist each other, and does Nick want to?)

Avril’s also releasing her first single title contemporary romance, Now You’re Mine, in January 2017:


Firstly, I adore this cover, particularly the way in which the smoke from the candle forms a sexy silhouette!

The novel itself follows journalist Jenna as she meets Kalan Al Talyani.  After one forgettable night in an exclusive holiday resort, she returns home to America, not expecting Kalan to follow her…  Will she dare to follow her imagination and desires wherever they’ll take her?

Avril has had a lucky life. Born into a big, chaotic, Italian/Irish family that was heavy on the laughs, if light on the money; she attended city and country universities, married a book-perfect hero, birthed a wonderful daughter, made friends all over the world. 

She’s had more than my fair share of jobs, some brilliant, not-so-brilliant – including but not limited to selling shoes (shoes are an obsession), short order cooking (food is another obsession), nursing (her Florence Nightingale complex) and teaching (that one was little scary), before settling into a globe-trotting career in aviation (which fed her biggest obsession –travel). 

The job she always wanted was ‘published author’, but it wasn’t until she came home to Sydney after a posting in the Middle East, that she could finally take a big enough breath to really try. 

She writes sexy, funny, modern romances, featuring strong, successful heroines who refuse to swoon, and heroes with enough alpha in them to make swooning a clear and present danger. Her hallmark is fast-paced, witty banter, which can tend toward the screwball, delivered with a strong emotional punch.

Find out more about her and her writing on FacebookTwitter, and on her website.


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