Whatever Happened to Modern Tempted? A Spotlight on…Nikki Logan

In 2013 Mills & Boon relaunched their RIVA line with Modern Tempted (called Harlequin KISS in the States), an imprint that held echoes of the Temptation novels of the 80s and 90s, and the sexiness of the Modern Heat series from the 00s. 

Whether as RIVA or as Modern Tempted, I adored the books and was incredibly upset when the line stopped publishing two years ago.

So this month I’m taking a look back at the authors of Modern Tempted, at the books they wrote then, and what they’re up to now…

Nikki Logan

His Until Midnight is one of the best books I’ve ever read:

Each year, notoriously beddable Hong Kong tycoon Oliver Harmer allows himself one Christmas present: a lavish meal with off-limits Audrey Devaney. Keeping her at arm’s length – quite literally! – is a battle of epic proportions for Oliver, but also an irresistible temptation.

Until the year she doesn’t come. Now the rules have changed!

This Christmas, Audrey is single, and Oliver must decide if he will let her run away at midnight for good, or fight for her to stay until morning!


This book is full of romance, heartbreak, and manages to make me cry every single time.

There’s an intensity to the connection between Audrey and Oliver that they ignore year after year.  she’s unhappily married, and he’s her husband’s best friend!  Each Christmas they have dinner together, as friends, until the year she’s single…

I can’t quite explain all the emotions that this book made me experience, but suffice to say, it’s outstandingly written and beautifully constructed.

Logan’s other Modern Tempted books include:

  • Shipwrecked with Mr Wrong  (Marooned on an island with a beautiful woman would have been the perfect way for Rob to spend some time, in theory, but Honor wants to focus on her conservationist work.  Though she may discover that resisting the playboy’s charms may be more difficult than she imagines…)
  • Rapunzel in New York  (When Nathan kicks in Tori’s door, she’s furious, and doesn’t need saving at all, thank you very much!  But perhaps she needs rescuing after all!)
  • Mr Right at the Wrong Time  (When Sam abseils into Aimee’s life after a terrifying car crash, what will she do if he belongs to someone else?)
  • Once a Rebel…  (When Shirley’s mother passed away, she and her mother’s student Hayden agreed to fulfill her bucket list wishes.  Ten years later, and Shirley’s the only one who’s been doing it, and she wants to know!)
  • My Boyfriend and Other Enemies  (Tash and Aiden’s families have been rivals for years, and they can’t stand each other!  Or are the sparks that fly when they’re together caused by something else…?)
  • How to Get Over Your Ex  (When Georgia’s proposal gets turned down on-air, she decides to live on the wild side, and radio producer Zander’s the guy to help her!)
  • The Morning After the Night Before  (Izzy finds herself in bed with her ex-boss, Harry after having quit her nightmare job and getting horrendously drunk…  Harry really doesn’t sleep with his employees, but Izzy is no longer his employee…)

So what’s Nikki been up to since the end of Modern Tempted?

She’s been writing novels for Mills & Boon’s Cherish line:

  • Her Knight in the Outback  (Eve is searching for her brother, when biker Marshall decides to help…only will she be be able to resist him?)
  • Bodyguard…To Bridegroom?  (Sera hates Christmas, so this year she decides to escape to a desert paradise!  However, she can’t help but be distracted by her bodyguard Brad…)
  • Stranded with Her Rescuer  (Since losing his wife, Will’s spent all his time alone in the Canadian wilderness, but when he ends up rescuing Kitty, has he found the one person who could bring him back to life?)

Logan also is writing the y Ddraig fantasy series of fantasy books, under the pen-name Gwendolyn Beynon:


  • Sacrifice  (Melangell is a Lifebringer, a dragon-maiden, whose sole responsibility is to guard the dragon egg; but she ends up being abducted by Cai ap Cynyr, the brother of the King, who wants the dragonling for Artwr…)
  • Ascension  (Nyneve’s heritage has been shrouded in mystery, but when a traveller arrives in their valley, Gwanaelle and Eifion are going to have to face the realities of their daughter’s true heritage!)

Nikki Logan lives amongst a string of wetlands in Western Australia with her long-suffering partner and a menagerie of furred, feathered and scaly mates.

She studied film and theatre at university, and worked for years in advertising and film distribution before finally settling down in the wildlife industry.

Her romance with nature goes way back, and she considers her life charmed, given that she works with wildlife by day and writes fiction by night–the perfect way to combine her two loves.

Nikki believes that the passion and risk of falling in love are perfectly mirrored in the danger and beauty of wild places. Every romance she writes contains an element of nature, and if readers catch a waft of rich earth or the spray of wild ocean between the pages she knows her job is done.

The idea for her ‘y Ddraig’ series came while on a pilgrimage to Wales—the land of her fathers—where she was visiting holy wells and ancient yew trees. She grew captivated with the way that the ancient stories of Welsh literature, myth and history still co-existed comfortably in contemporary Cymru, and by the atmosphere of mystery that still saturates Wales’ natural spaces.

Find out more about her and her writing on her Facebook pageTwitter, on her Gwendolyn Beynon website and on her Nikki Logan website.


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