Q&A with Alexandra Brown

Today is the day that Alexandra Brown’s latest book, The Great Village Show, is released in paperback.  The book is a delightful blend of village community and hilarious exploits, with local school teacher Meg at its heart.

I was lucky enough to interview Alex about her book and her take on #StrongRomanceHeroines…


1)  What does a romance heroine look like to you?
Pretty much any woman, I like my romance heroines to be typical and relatable.
2)  What is the key thing that makes an “Alexandra Brown” heroine?
A reader once told me that she loves my heroines because they are flawed and don’t make her feel inadequate, they are women that other women want to be friends with.
3)  In your latest novel, The Great Village Show, Meg is a very determined heroine who takes on numerous challenges throughout the novel, most notably the dwindling numbers of applications to  the local primary school for which she is acting head.  There’s a very real sense of place, and also sense of frustration when Meg is faced with what seems like an insurmountable problem.  What is it about Meg as a character, that you feel helps her decide to tackle the problem head on?
Meg is a fighter, she’s also very passionate and loves Tindledale, her home, the village where she has brought up her son on her own in addition to building a career for herself. I think when you’ve previously triumphed over adversity, it’s very hard to let a problem defeat you.
4)  It’s also important to note that Meg isn’t a twenty-something – her son, Jack is away at university – what do you think has caused the growth of novels with older heroines in recent years?
Older authors? Seriously though, I’m not a twenty-something woman without any responsibilities anymore, so it doesn’t really feel authentic for me to be writing about heroines that are.
5)  Strength of character is something that permeates all of your books.  What is it that you think makes a strong romance heroine?
A woman with hope! Without hope there really is no point to living or doing anything very much. Hope spurs us on, it propels us and gives us strength.
The Great Village Show is out now!

Growing up in Brighton, Alexandra Brown left school at sixteen to run away to London with dreams of being a writer. On realising that she needed a proper job too, she went to work in an office. Throughout her fifteen year corporate career, Alex survived many dull meetings by writing a cheeky scene or two, until she could bear it no longer, collapsed in a heap and then lounged on a chaise waiting for the muse to arrive.

She now lives in a rural village on the Kent and Sussex border in England, with her husband, utterly adorable daughter (fondly known as QT) and one very shiny black Labrador called Puppy Oscar.

Visit her website, and follow her on Facebook and Twitter for more updates.


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