The Romance Awards


It is an ongoing joke amongst my friends, that I’m a hopeless romantic.  Completely and utterly soppy.  The kind of person who cries over Happy Ever Afters and gets positively giddy over a bunch of flowers.

So it makes it extra special that I’m able to announce that I am one of the finalists for #TheRomantics Mills & Boon Awards!  The categories are as follows:

  1. Most Romantic Restaurant or Bar
  2. Most Romantic UK Destination
  3. Most Romantic Wedding Venue
  4. Most Romantic UK Venue
  5. Most Romantic Hero / Heroine
  6. Most Romantic UK Experience / Activity
  7. Most Romantic Gift
  8. Most Romantic View
  9. Blogger’s Award
  10. Romantic Entrepreneur Award
  11. Most Romantic Classics
  12. Mills & Boon Author’s Award

I’m up for the Blogger’s Award and simply cannot believe quite how lucky I am!  Voting is still open, so if the mood takes you, head on over here.  I’m utterly chuffed to be nominated with such great bloggers, and to be amongst such company is an award in itself.


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