Tales of Ireland


I was brought up on tales of Ireland.

Of my Gran’s romp through the fields to a school where nuns caned children over the slightest infraction; of my dad’s summers playing poker for matches and travelling the breadth of Galway with his uncle; of dancing and sisterly rivalry; and of my great-grandmother, holding the telegraph that would tell her of her son’s death up to the light in the kitchen to read.

Ireland was a place of magic and excitement.  Filled with stories and wild places I longed to visit.


And when I started work, I worked with the loveliest group of Irish girls.  March 17th was full of drinking and dancing and the most outrageously over-the-top costumes you could possibly imagine.


And then there’s the the lush, green wilds of Ireland itself – the perfect place for romance, as I’m discussing on the Pink Heart Society today.

So wherever you are, and whatever you’re doing, I wish you a happy St Patrick’s Day.


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