Cue the Inevitable Birthday Post


I get stupidly excited about my birthday every year without fail.  Essentially, I view it as an excuse to get drunk with the people I love (or in the case of my family, eat an obscene amount of food together).  It’s beyond awesome.  And this year was no different.

Over the whole birthday weekend (yes, it was a weekend), I was spoiled terribly.  There was cake, there was homemade fajitas, there was cocktail after cocktail after cocktail.  And a lot more beside.

The fiance took me into Forbidden Planet and let me loose with a budget.  SO AWESOME.  I came away with the following trade paperbacks:


Ms Marvel, the first comic to star a Muslim woman as a superheroine.  She’s funny, sassy, and fits in perfectly with Marvel’s younger generation heroes.  (Sidenote:  The only complaint I have about my bday being in March, is that it means that I couldn’t get the tp for Gotham Academy)


Speaking of younger generation comics, I was so taken by Gillen and McKelvie’s Young Avengers series, that I jumped on the opportunity to read their new outing, The Wicked & The Divine.  Plus I’m love anything that has godheads at the centre of it (see my obsession with Neil Gaiman’s American Gods).


And then there’s Constantine.  I missed Hellblazer the first time round so I thought why the hell not?!  I’m pretty keen on the new tv series and it’s different from many of the comics I’ve read before.  Plus the artwork looked pretty (though apparently the internet disagrees…), so I picked up the first three tps.  Watch this space.

Then came drinking.  Turns out that there’s a cocktail called Strawberry Lemonade which has a little more booze than lemonade, but which was delicious nonetheless.

And then yesterday there was Poldark.


It was everything I had hoped for…and then some.  Yes there were the requisite brooding stares, but there’s heart to this drama, and a scenary that has to be seen to be believed.

I’m totally dragging Chris down to Cornwall this summer.

All in all, a fab birthday.

And now I have a request of you; I find myself in possession of a Kindle gift card (I know, my man’s the best!) and at a loss as to which books to buy.  So please, leave recommendations!  I’ll read pretty much anything aside from thrillers/horror.  So have it, dear internet!

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